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I can't say enough about the quality and reliability of the guys at Luxury Imports.  I have been using them for the past six years (after being turned on to them by another friend!), and I have never been dissapointed.  Not only do they do great work, but I have come to trust Dennis and Tai and their recommendations.  As a woman, I have always been somewhat leery of mechanics and car repair places - I recognize that I don't understand the inner workings that happen after I turn the key, and as a result used to take my car to multiple places anytime I thought there was a problem to get quotes in an attempt to be certain I wasn't being taken advantage of.  The times I did this when I first started out with Luxury Imports, I was amazed at the difference in the price!  They always came in the lowest.  Their shop is also the only time I've had a mechanic tell me that I didn't need something, or that something could wait (which was wonderful when I was considering selling a car and didn't want to put a ton of money into it right before that).  They also are amazing in terms of response time.  If they say it will be done at a certain time, it will be - no more waiting for hours (or sometimes days!) to pick up a car after a repair.  They are also always friendly, and more than willing to explain and show you exactly what they have done or are doing.  Their office isn't quite as nice as you might find at the dealership, but I promise that they are a diamond in the rough, and well worth checking out.
- Annie
Luxury Imports was recommended to me by a female co-worker, only 3 months after I had moved from TX to the DC area.  I was in desperate need of mechanics who I could trust.  Every time I have gone to Luxury Imports, Tae, Dennis and Salaam have give me excellent service at a fair price.  My 10 yr-old vehicle (with 188K miles) is running better than it ever has before. I recommend them to anyone I can who needs mechanics they can trust.
- Kesha
I have taken my car to get it serviced at Luxury Imports for over fourteen years now.
In that time I have owned a five cars and have been very satisfied with the work performed.  I work for the county school system and have referred colleagues to take their cars there for repairs.  The reason I have remained a loyal customer is that I know Tay the owner to be an honest guy who does his best to deliver good results at a fair price.
- Dr. James
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