Auto Repair Shop in Lorton VA

If you are looking for an Auto Repair Shop in Lorton VA Luxury Imports is the premier mechanic shop. We have over 35-years of experience in the area with domestic and foreign cars. Are your car’s brakes sounding rough? Do you hear squeals and grinding whenever you slow down at a stop sign? Then, it’s time to get new brakes ASAP. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a brake shop in Lorton, VA. We follow automotive innovation to keep up with the technology. We offer various brake repair options to help you get back on the road in no time. 

Is your car having trouble? Do you notice a few more sounds than it used to make? Are you struggling to accelerate or brake? If so, it’s time to come to the top auto repair shop Lorton VA. We offer a wide selection of repairs and inspections to get your car back to its best self. No matter what you drive, bring it by and see what we can do.

What to Fix at an Auto Repair Shop Lorton VA

We can take care of everything from the engine to the tires. We can repair and replace all broken items, such as:

  • Brake Repair – Are your brakes squishy or taking too long to respond? We’ll check the pads, rotors, and fluid.
  • Oil Change – Are you due for a change soon? We’ll keep your engine humming like a kitten.
  • Transmission Repair – Do you notice your car is sluggish when switching gears? As an auto repair shop in Lorton, Virginia, we can fix both automatic and manual transmissions.
  • Tire Repair – Your tires take a beating every time you hit the road. We can take care of alignments, rotations, and replacements so you won’t get into a bad accident.
  • Auto Body Repair – Everything from scrapes to dents can be taken care of by us. Our team isn’t satisfied until your car looks virtually brand new.

Preventative vs. Reactive Maintenance

You may think you have to bring your car to a cheap auto body shop in Lorton, VA when something goes wrong. However, preventative maintenance can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle later on. Examples of preventive maintenance include:

  • Fluid Changes – Your car uses a lot more than oil to run various internal systems. We can flush out the old fluids and replace them with fresh, clean ones. We can also check for leaks that could cause major trouble.
  • Brake Inspection – On average, you should change your brakes every 20,000 miles. So, if you’re getting close to that threshold, you should inspect your pads to see how much longer they have.
  • Diagnostic Inspection – Just because your car’s running fine right now doesn’t mean you won’t need an auto repair shop Lorton VA soon. We can inspect all systems to ensure there are no surprises later.

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