Brake Repair in Fairfax VA

Your car’s brakes are an essential component, but how much do you pay attention to them? If they start to wear down, you’ll likely notice them immediately whenever you stop or slow down. Fortunately, when it’s time for an inspection or replacement, it’s easy to get brake repair in Fairfax, VA. Let’s break down what can happen to your car’s brakes and when to get them fixed. We follow Automobile Repair Facilities Act.

Why Do Your Car’s Brakes Fail? 

Your vehicle’s braking system contains three separate components – the brake pads, the rotors, and the brake fluid. Each of these pieces is essential for stopping, and they can break down over time from wear and tear. Let’s take a closer look at what happens when these components go out.

  • Brake Fluid – This fluid makes the entire system work by using hydraulic pressure to apply the brake pad to the rotor. Over time, this fluid can get dirty and work inefficiently. You may also develop a leak, forcing you to patch it up and refill the tank.
  • Brake Pad – These pads experience lots of friction every time you press the brake pedal. So, no matter what, they’ll wear down after a while. Once the pads reach a certain percentage (i.e., 30 percent), it’s time to replace them. While you could wait until they’re full worn off, doing so could damage your vehicle and make it more dangerous to drive.
  • Brake Rotor – The rotor is the piece that attaches to your car’s wheels and connects with the brake pad to help you slow down. As with the pad itself, the rotor can wear down over time. However, since the rotor is in a fixed position, it often lasts longer than the pad. On average, both pieces will last about 70,000 miles.

Signs You Need Brake Repair in Fairfax, VA

Fortunately, if your brakes need servicing, they’ll let you know before disaster strikes. However, the longer you wait to repair your brakes, the more likely you’ll wind up in a collision. Common warning signs include:

  • Loud Noises – You may hear a grinding or squealing when stopping or slowing down. Usually, this happens because of worn pads that aren’t working as efficiently as they did before.
  • Longer Stopping Times – If it’s taking longer to come to a complete stop than it did before, your brakes likely need changing ASAP. This problem could be the pads or the rotors, even if you don’t hear any noises.
  • Delayed Braking – If the brake fluid is running low or there’s a leak, you’ll notice a delay between pressing the pedal and stopping. Sometimes, this delay may be short, but in extreme cases, you might not be able to stop for several seconds, putting you and your car in danger.

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Whether it’s been a few years since you’ve changed your brakes or you’re hearing noises, now is the time to schedule brake repair in Fairfax, VA. We also provide break services to customer in Lorton VA. We make it easy to get your car back in pristine shape, so call us today!