Brake Repair in Woodbridge VA

Brakes are an essential component of any vehicle, as without them, you wouldn’t be able to prevent a collision. However, do you realize how many times you hit the brakes in a single drive? Over time, these pieces wear out, leading to horrendous noises and reduced stopping power. Fortunately, you can bring your vehicle in for brake repair Woodbridge VA. We offer comprehensive services to ensure you can continue driving without worry. We follow Automobile Repair Facilities Act.

What’s Included In Brake Repair Woodbridge VA?

Typically, we look at three main elements of your brakes, including the rotors, pads, and fluid. Here’s why each of these components is important for your vehicle.

  • Brake Rotors – These metal disks are attached to your car’s wheels. When you want to stop, the brake pad presses against the rotor, forcing the tire to a halt. Because the rotor experiences a lot of friction, it needs to be replaced after about 70,000 miles. However, if you make a lot of sudden stops, you might have to change them sooner.
  • Brake Pads – These are the second part of the brake equation. Pads wear down faster than the rotor because they’re the pieces that forces the tire to stop spinning. On average, you should replace your pads after about 20,000 miles.
  • Brake Fluid – Your car’s stopping system relies on fluid to work the different components. This fluid can get dirty as it recycles through the system, so it needs to be changed regularly. You may also get a leak in the line, causing significant problems.

Other Auto Repair Options In Woodbridge, Virginia

If you have to stop for brake repair Woodbridge VA, chances are you need some other things fixed too. At Luxury Motors, we offer comprehensive services like:

  • Transmission Repair – Whether you drive a manual or an automatic vehicle, we can take a peek and see what’s going on inside.
  • Tire Repair – Like your brakes, your car’s tires take a lot of abuse. You should change them every 60,000 miles, but we can also rotate and align them as necessary.
  • General Tune-Up – As you drive, your vehicle’s various systems experience wear and tear. A tune up allows us to inspect and correct any issues before they become massive headaches.

Contact Luxury Motors For Brake Repair Woodbridge VA

If your car is already making noises, you need to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible. Or, perhaps your car is getting old and you want to make sure the brakes still have a bit of life left. Either way, call us today and stop on by!