Oil Change in Springfield VA

Changing your car’s oil is an essential part of vehicle ownership. Because so many engine parts use oil to run efficiently, they need the fluid to be as clean and sludge-free as possible. However, no matter what, your car will accrue debris and grime as you drive, causing your engine to work less efficiently. When that happens, be sure to get an oil change Springfield VA. Our company follow Code of Virginia. We offer comprehensive services so you can be back on the road in no time.

What Happens During an Oil Change Springfield VA?

This process is pretty straightforward, but the length of time depends on your car and how long it’s been since your last change. If you wait too long, it can take a while to clear the excess sludge from the system. Here’s what we do when replacing your fluid.

  • Step One: Remove the Old Oil – We’ll drain your car and recycle the old motor oil so you don’t have to worry about it. This step can often take the longest because we need to be sure all the fluid is out before adding new oil.
  • Step Two: Replace the Oil Filter – This component helps clean and remove sludge from your engine. However, over time, it will get too dirty to work effectively, which is why your fluid gets so dirty. We use factory parts from your car’s manufacturer to ensure it works correctly.
  • Step Three: Add New Oil – We’ll check with you to verify the type of oil you want. We can also break down the differences so you’re fully informed before making a decision.

Other Auto Repair Shop Services We Offer

Oil changes fall under routine maintenance, but what happens if something goes wrong in your vehicle? We offer a wide array of services like:

  • Tire Repair – Are your tires old and bald? If so, we can swap them out with new ones. We also offer alignments, rotations, and flat repair.
  • Brake Repair – Your brakes will wear down faster than other components, so you have to change the pads and rotors every so often. You’ll know when the brakes are going out because they’ll start to whine.
  • Transmission Repair – Without your car’s transmission, you can’t drive anywhere. We specialize in manual and automatic transmissions, and we can diagnose check engine lights too.
  • General Tune-Ups – When looking for cheap auto repair shops in Springfield, Virginia, you should focus on routine and preventative maintenance. By addressing problems before they arise, you can save a lot of money.

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