State Inspection in Woodbridge, VA

state inspection Woodbridge VA

One of the side effects of having a car is that you have to take care of licensing, registration, and permits. In Virginia, you also have to consider one other thing – safety inspections. The state requires an annual inspection of your vehicle, lest you incur hefty fines and citations. Fortunately, this process is pretty straightforward, and you get a car state inspection in Woodbridge, VA, easily. If you’re new to the state or are looking for a better inspector, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Car State Inspection in Woodbridge, VA?

There are actually two inspections you have to complete annually in Virginia. The first is an emissions test, which measures how many pollutants your car is putting out. If the number is too high, you’ll need to make adjustments to bring it down. The second inspection is a safety checklist to ensure that your vehicle won’t be a hazard. As we’ll discuss, this inspection looks at different systems inside and outside your car. If there are any violations, you’ll need to fix them ASAP.

What Happens During a Car Safety Inspection? 

These inspections are thorough and comprehensive. So, it’s best to schedule an appointment on a day when you can wait a few hours for the test to be completed. Inspectors will pay attention to the following:

  • Tires – Virginia experiences harsh winters and summers. These seasons mean your tires undergo a lot more wear and tear than they would elsewhere. If your tread is starting to bald, you’ll need to replace all the affected wheels.
  • Lights – Headlights, brake lights, reverse lights, dashboard lights – these are all part of the inspection. Inspectors want to be sure that all lights are working properly so you can be seen on the road at night. Also, if interior lights aren’t working, you may not be aware of various internal issues like old oil or an engine malfunction.
  • Horn – Although you may not use your horn very often, it’s still a valuable safety tool while driving. Inspectors want to make sure it’s loud enough to get other people’s attention.
  • Mirrors and Windshield – Cracks, chips, and breaks can make it harder to see other cars on the road. While small damages can likely pass, you should still get them fixed sooner than later. Otherwise, they’ll worse and you might wind up with a serious (and expensive) problem on your hands.
  • Engine Noises – Finally, inspectors want to make sure your car isn’t making any strange noises that could indicate a problem with the engine or drivetrain. While some sounds may not be serious, others could indicate substantial issues like faulty brakes, broken spark plugs, and more.

Schedule an Inspection Today!

Once you know your due date for the car state inspection in Woodbridge, VA, you should schedule your appointment as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute only adds stress, and you may fall behind if you have to reschedule. Call us and we can inspect your car and fix any issues before they become major headaches.