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How much do you know about your car’s transmission? You may know that it handles your gears, allowing you to shift into a higher gear so the car can move faster. However, the transmission is a relatively complex instrument, meaning that any number of components can break down. When that happens, you need to come to the best transmission repair shop Woodbridge VA. Whether it’s a manual or automatic, we have the tools and expertise to fix the problem. Virginia Code Motor Vehicles.

Common Reasons for Transmission Repair Woodbridge VA

Typically, whenever your car has a problem, you’ll notice it while driving. The best time to bring your vehicle in is when you first spot a sign of trouble. Unfortunately, these issues only worsen the more you drive, so you could be looking at a costly repair bill. Here are some warning signs that should tell you to come to our transmission repair shop in Woodbridge, Virginia.

  • Trouble Accelerating – Your car has to switch to a higher gear as you go faster. This process allows you to get better traction as the wheels spin faster. So, if your transmission isn’t shifting correctly, you won’t be able to accelerate very well. You may also notice a jerking sensation when the transmission finally switches.
  • Check Engine Light – Unlike other systems (i.e., your brakes), not all problems will make a noise or affect your car’s performance. Depending on the make and model, there may be dozens of internal errors that cause this light to come on. We can diagnose the issue and correct it in house so you don’t have to worry.
  • Burning Smell – Your transmission has various belts and gears inside. So, if something isn’t working properly, all that friction could wind up burning something, resulting in a terrible smell. If this happens, especially while you’re idling, you need to bring your car in ASAP.

Contact Luxury Motors, Your Transmission Repair Shop Woodbridge VA

Because your transmission is essential for driving, you need to correct any issues quickly. In a worst-case scenario, your car may break down or stop suddenly, leading to a collision or expensive damages. So, call us to bring your vehicle in to prevent a catastrophe. We also provide services to client in Springfield